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Weiss jemand ob TweakDun auf AOL überhaupt was bringt,
und wenn ja, was für Werte (MTU etc.) hat AOL ??
Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe...... (Patrick)

Hallo Patrick,
habe diesen Hinweis gefunden:
(Fragen und Antworten zu MTUSpeed)
Does MTUSpeed work with AOL?
I was recently informed by Jonathon Richards (we were having an email
discussion about AOL and MTUSpeed) that AOL overwrites the registry every
time it starts (it's hard coded into one of it's DLL files). So, contrary to what is
stated on some other web sites, it is not currently possible to alter the AOL values
unless you start hacking into their DLL files and that may actually be illegal. I'm
trying to think up a legal way round it at the moment. Here is the email from
Jonathon explaining what he discovered during our "chats":
I used the "Quickview" program included in Win95 to locate which
file reset the DWORD "mtu" value. It is (of course) the ""
file. In it, there is an "ordinal" section (what ever that is) with a
function called "get_mtu". I do not have the means to change it
correctly, as I renamed the line, then deleted it, etc., etc. The results
were the same; just before the AOL screen "enables", the "illegal
function" screen pops up. This makes me seriously doubt the "name
removed" program works with AOL as they claim. They obviously
would have to alter the "aolsock" file. I tried their "name removed"
program after yours, and I had the same results with the DWORD
being reset to 1500.
I am more than willing to try any "beta" program you create, and am
aware and prepared for all consequences. I will do anything to speed
up my AOL. I have stayed with your settings since you provided
them, as they work better than my previous ones. I will continue to
alter the registry before shutting down, even if your attempts to make
it work with AOL fail, simply because it works. If you are successful in
making "MaxMTU" work for AOL, I will post a web page (to your
liking) for you in the 10MB of space AOL provides its members. You
may even make the headlines over here. AOL is a household name
known for slow (like molasses) access. I have attached the
"" file in case you can do something with it. Good luck.
Jonathan Richards
Demnach läßt AOL keine Einstellungen von außen zu, da bei jedem
AOL-Start die Werte von AOL wieder neu gesetzt werden.
Ich hoffe ich konnte Dir weiterhelfen.
so long
(Rolf Hermanns)

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