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Linux und USV

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Hat schon mal jemand eine funktionierende Stromsteuerung unter Linux installiert?
So das der Linux-Server bei Stromausfall nach ein paar Minuten kontrolliert runter gefahren wird.


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„Linux und USV“

PowerChute plus for Linux
PowerChute® plus, the leading UPS Power Management software for
network administrators in Linux environments.

PowerChute gracefully shuts down Linux servers during extended power outages. Receive
power alerts immediately (including proactive battery replacement notification). Quickly
diagnose problems using power event and data logs.

General Information

Current Versions

PowerChute plus v4.5.2 for Linux.

Hardware Requirements

UPS Model
APC Back-UPS Pro, Smart-UPS, Matrix-UPS, and Symmetra Power Array
For information regarding use of this software with APC Back-UPS products see
PowerChute plus for Back-UPS.

Dedicated RS-232 serial port

Communications Cable
APC part # 940-0024C (smart signaling)
APC part # 940-0023A or AP9823 (simple signaling)

Software Requirements

Server Operating System

PowerChute plus for Linux has been tested on the following Linux distributions:

Red Hat
TurboLinux (formerly Pacific HiTech)


Download from APC's
software download section. Included with APC UPS Models Back-UPS Pro, Smart-UPS,
Matrix-UPS, Symmetra Power Array in Q2 2000.

Features & Benefits

User Interface

PowerChute plus
Full-featured UPS management

UPS Administration

Task Scheduling
Schedule periodic server shutdown/restart, UPS self-test and UPS runtime calibration

UPS Operating Parameters
Full control over UPS transfer settings and sensitivity to power fluctuations.

UPS Audible Alarm
Configure UPS alarm to beep on power failure, power failure + 30 seconds, at low
battery condition, or never beep.


UPS Self-test
Initiate self test of local or remote UPS to maximize UPS uptime

UPS Runtime Calibration
Initiate runtime calibration of local and remote UPS to maintain accurate runtime values.

Predictive failure analysis
The UPS conducts regular internal self-tests. When a potential problem is detected, like
the need for a replacement battery, a notification is sent to the relevant administrators
and users before the problem arises.

Data Log
Quickly pinpoint power problems by tracking power data such as min/max utility line
voltage, battery voltage, line frequency, load capacity. Also tracks ambient temperature
and humidity (requires Measure-UPS accessory). See Measure-UPS product page for
more information.

Event Log
Records selected power events with a description and time/date stamp to enable
diagnosis of UPS/power problems.

Event Handling

Over 35 Power Events
For each power or environmental event, choose as many as seven different response
actions (i.e. page, email, log event, broadcast, run command file, and shutdown).

Receive timely pages for power and environmental events

Receive timely email alerts for power and environmental events.

Receive timely broadcasts for power and environmental events

Command File
Run a command file to shutdown applications before OS shutdown is initiated


Operating System Shutdown
Gracefully shutdown operating system in the event of an extended power failure

Application Shutdown
Gracefully shuts down Apache Web Server. Create customized shutdown scripts for
any application using PowerChute Command File option.

Multi-server Shutdown
Via network. See PowerChute network shutdown for more information.
Via serial cable. See Interface Expander accessory for more information.

Administrative Shutdown
Immediate, graceful shutdown/restart of servers

Shutdown Parameters
Set and modify the shutdown parameters to best suit the needs of the server being

Power Return Parameters
Enable automatic server reboot on return of AC Power. Ensure batteries are sufficiently
charged before returning power to the server.

Recommended Applications

File, print, and web servers in Linux environments.

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