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Tintenpatronen wechseln bei Epson SX235w

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Ich habe ein problem mit Tinten Patronen aus wechseln.
Every time I press the button on the right front panel the cartridges move in to a position where I cant get to them.
The Instructions are not easy to understand and I hope someone will be able to help.
Many thanks in advance.
Val Hallinan

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Alpha13 valhal

„Tintenpatronen wechseln bei Epson SX235w“

The print heads will now move to the replacement position. If they do not move to a change position press the Red ink button on the printer.


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valhal Alpha13

„The print heads will now move to the replacement position. ...“


Alpha 13, I would like to thank you for your Input.
Have a nice weekend.

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