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Installation of sw crashes Win 98SE

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I've just assembled a computer with the following HW config: Athlon 1,2Ghz 512MB Ram (SDR, 133Mhz) MSI 7k Turbo 40GB Hard drive All in wonder Radeon SB live player 5.1 Tekram SCSI 390 II DSL modem Printer The HW is working propoerly and I made oll of it working under Win98SE with the appropriate IRQ's and drivers. Win 98se works initially. Then I start installing my SW on it. One, two, three installations.. Windows shuts down during reboot and tells me that some registry entries shall be repaired. Sometimes it gets lost in the registry repair loop. Other times Windows explorer shuts down and indicates paging errors. At the Explorer Window level as well as when I try to start programms from the start menu. After required installation reboots I get protection errors and find out, that .vxd files have dissapeared from my ..\system\-directory (latest configmg.vxd). I repeatedly reformatted my HD and each time started from scratch. For my Hard drive Biso, Dos and Windows indicate allways less (around 39GB) than 40GB, which are specified in the HD specifications. These problems occur either one by one or in combination. Does anybody could provide help on what I have to do to get Win 98SE running stable on my computer? Thank you very much

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„Installation of sw crashes Win 98SE“


Hi Ralph,

my english is pretty bad, but I´ll try.
The best way is to install Windows with the Videocard only.
Plug in the Video-Card, Ram and your SCSI-controller. (SB and other cards later) Maybe one of this cards is the reason for your problems.

Do you have installed the VIA 4in1 Chipset drivers ?
You can find the Drivers here

please install first the 4in1 Drivers then the driver for your
Radeon Video Card, soundblaster, modem etc.

It´s also possible that you have a temperature problem.
Maybe your Ram is not working correctly.

hth swiftgoon

ralph.bartelmann (Anonym) swiftgoon

„Hi Ralph, my english is pretty bad, but I ll try. The best way is to install...“


Hallo Swiftgoon,

danke fuer Deine Nachricht, bin Deutscher in Frankreich und habe die obige Nachricht in anderen Foren verbreitet, was der Grund fuer English ist.

Habe all das probiert.

Neuanfang, die Karten einzeln einbauen und unter windows die Treiber installieren.

Erster Schritt war immer, die Chipset Treiber installieren, dann Video, dann SCSI, dann Soundcarte.

Nix hat funktioniert.

Werde mal sehen, was passiert, wenn ich am RAM rumfummle.

Danke fuer die Tips.