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News: Windows Live translator available

Microsoft rapes language to the zero tariff

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To replace already for quite some time tries translators by machines. By push of a button in seconds language A did not fold that to language B. so far yet correctly. In the meantime automated translations, which create it succeed, to make contents somehow halfway understandable of foreign language text are equally large however the danger that fatal misleading rauskommt thereby.

A good example of it is the Microsoft Knowledgebase (on-line support collection of texts). Those are already committed a crime for years of a translation robot. Who follows the automatic step for step guidances of the Microsoft translation robot, must think often already badly around the corner over understand, what is actually meant. In an automatically translated text of the German Microsoft support is for example this sentence:

Delete “Professional” each instance and replace you each instance by “start” The English original set reads in such a way:

DELETE each instance OF “Professional” and replace each instance with “Home.”

“Home” was thus falsely translated with “start”. Who follows the translation of the robot, lands logical-proves in the Nirwana.

All the same. Immediately Microsoft offers a translation robot also free of charge to on-line for all. The Windows Live translator translates texts to 500 indications lengthens or complete web pages to the zero tariff. Here it goes to the robot: Windows Live Translator.

Das deutsche Original dieser Übersetzung von Windows Live Translator ist hier: Microsoft vergewaltigt Sprache zum Nulltarif

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Tommy22 Redaktion

„Microsoft rapes language to the zero tariff“


Wer von euch beiden hat das jetzt übersetzt?

Hey Dr. Kleiner - Ja Gordon? - Guck mal! Ist das nicht ne schöne Brechstange!? Fass sie mal an!
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